SINGAPORE, Feb 5 -- Viddsee today debuts ‘AI Love K-Drama’, a five-part comedy series that centres around a failing studio who buys a state-of-the-art AI, nicknamed SANGW00, to write and direct the ultimate K-drama. Although its lead actress Tia Tan (played by Michelle Wong, ‘Wonder Boy’), thinks the whole idea is terrible, she goes along with it as a way to cope with a devastating failure from her past.

As the series unfolds, SANGW00 and Tia often end up clashing over their fundamental beliefs: Tia believes that her art comes from the heart, while SANGW00 trusts in algorithms and data. Eventually their difference of opinions causes the production to spiral into chaos, creating a show unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

The series is produced by Viddsee Studios and Zhao Wei Films, and written by film producer Huang Junxiang (‘Ramen Teh’, ‘Tiong Bahru Social Club’) together with playwright and improv comedian Luke Somasundram. This is the first collaboration between Junxiang and Luke, who both share a common love for social satire, comedy, and imaginative storytelling -- qualities that are reflected in the tone and approach of the series. It was directed by several promising Singaporean filmmakers such as Tan Wei Ting, and twin brothers Wong Zhen Jiang and Zhen Hai.

Said Kenny Tan, Head of Viddsee Studios: “As a tech-driven creative platform ourselves, we're excited to develop unique stories such as ‘AI Love K-Drama’ for our audiences. What struck us about the series was its clever critique of an increasingly data-driven film industry, without taking itself too seriously. Through projects such as these, we hope to attract and support more young, local filmmakers looking to explore new and creative ways of storytelling.”

Said Huang: “The idea for the series came about when Luke and I realised how devastating stories can become if they lack a human touch. So we asked ourselves: how far can algorithms go in ‘improving’ humanity? Can AI one day become better storytellers than humans? Or conversely, can an AI robot learn to become more human through the act of storytelling?"

The cast is led by Michelle Wong, who first came into spotlight as one of the finalists in Mediacorp’s ‘The 5 Search’, and has since gone on to land key roles in Channel 5’s ‘Faculty’ and ‘Code of Law’, as well as feature film ‘Wonder Boy’ – the Dick Lee biopic in which she played his doting younger sister.

Other cast members include veteran theatre actor Yong Ser Pin, who is best known for his turn in Anthony Chen’s 'Wet Seasons' in a performance that has garnered a Best supporting actor nod; and Goh Guat Kian, another familiar figure in the theatre scene who has also acted in several films including ‘Tiong Bahru Social Club’, and short film ‘New Resident’.

‘AI Love K-Drama’ is the sixth Viddsee Original series to debut in 2021, and the latest in the long line of original films and series since Viddsee Studios began in 2017. Previous Viddsee Original series have included notable titles such as ‘Soul Food’, which won Best Short Form Drama at the 2020 ContentAsia Awards and was nominated in the Series Mania 2020; as well as ‘Drive’, which was selected at Marseille Web Fest and Series Mania 2019.

‘AI Love K-Drama’ premieres on February 5 on

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