Singapore, JUL 20 2018 – Viddsee has completed the run of its latest social documentary series ‘Confessions’, which is the third documentary under the Viddsee Voices project. Produced by Viddsee Studios and directed by Eileen Chong, the five-episode series explores a subject’s private thoughts and emotions as they struggle through personal tragedy and difficult situations.

Available to watch for free on Viddsee’s platform and social media channels, ‘Confessions’ was viewed over 350,000 times since its debut on June 21. The series began with ‘Do You Remember?’, a confession of how dementia impacts one daughter’s life. Other episodes are ‘Change of Heart’; a true story of how a heart transplant patient’s life was forever changed by a stranger; ‘Struck by Lightning’, about a lightning-strike survivor who found the will to thrive despite being bed-bound; ‘Being Nichol’, about a successful businesswoman whose high-profile life hid a desperate fight with bulimia; and ‘Descent’, about a successful professor who descended into a life of addiction.

Director Eileen Chong.

“I’ve done a fair amount of documentaries and learned that it’s not about what the subjects share with you, it’s about what they do not wish to share with you,” said Chong.

“I wanted ‘Confessions’ to highlight the need for emotional honesty: too often we keep unhealthy secrets, especially during tough times, and then we punish ourselves in silence, falling into a rabbit hole of depression and suicide. This series is all about what it takes to fight your own mind and make peace with your circumstances,” she added.

Produced by Viddsee Studios, Viddsee’s digital content creation arm, ‘Confessions’ draws attention to stories and perspectives that are commonly overlooked in our society. The project premiered on March 8 with ‘While You Sleep’, a series that focuses on Singaporeans who work the graveyard shift, while April 12 saw the launch of ‘Memories On A Plate’, an intimate examination of food and heritage. Combined, the three social documentaries garnered close to 2.65 million views.

“Viddsee Voices broadens our original content to include non-fiction, and highlights the appeal and depth of authentic storytelling made for an online audience,” said Kenny Tan, head of Viddsee Studios.

“Ng Yiqin’s experience in directing ‘Memories on a Plate’, for example, showcased her talent for creating compelling stories, and helped her make ‘Visible Scars, Invisible Strength’, Vaseline’s social documentary series on elderly working Singaporeans,” he added.

Viddsee Originals is produced in collaboration with the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) as part of a public service content initiative to develop original content with local content creators.

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To find out more about Eileen Chong’s creative process, challenges and mission in creating Confessions, read her Q&A:

About Eileen Chong

Eileen Chong is a filmmaker and director best known for her socially driven documentaries exploring topics such as heritage and empowerment as well as bringing “darker issues into light” such as social conditioning and prejudice. Her short films have been viewed and shared thousands of times across social media, eliciting community support and over $100,000 in donations for local causes. Her award-winning works include ‘Ah Leong's Confession’, ‘Balik Kampung’, and ‘The Art of Singapore’

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