Jakarta, JAN 18 – Online entertainment platform Viddsee has produced a romantic short film ‘90 Days of Hiding My Feelings' for Unilever’s UniCornetto ice cream in Indonesia. Based on the brand’s global campaign tagline ‘Don’t Try Too Hard’, the six-minute film marks Viddsee’s first work for an Indonesia-based campaign.

Aimed at the 13- to 21-year-old demographic, the film was conceptualised in Singapore and executed in Indonesia with a team led by Viddsee’s Creative Producer, Adhyatmika. The plot was guided by Viddsee's insights into its audience and romantic content, and further augmented with Unilever’s insight that perfectionism and fear of failure among teenagers was on the rise.

The light-hearted short film, which centres on a budding relationship in college, encourages teenagers to be less anxious when confessing their feelings, with the ice-cream brand representing a simple and fun way to share a romantic moment.

“The story counters the narrative that teens need big, significant gestures to prove their romantic feelings to another; rather, it celebrates the uncomplicated acts that make a romantic story real and relatable: a casual smile, a call at the end of the day, or even sharing a snack,” said Adhyatmika, who produced the film with Indonesian director Jason Iskandar.

Love in a time of audience insights

In marketing the film, Unilever used dynamic creative management and serving platform Jivox to create multiple six-second and twenty-second video clips from the full six-minute film that capture the key moments of an early romance. Each clip was then micro-targeted to the relevant audience segment. The online platform employs algorithms that combine audience data signals and creative elements in real-time to deliver according to Unilever’s precision marketing strategies.

During the month-long campaign period that began on December 29, the clips were distributed by Unilever across an array of digital channels, including Facebook and Instagram, with a link to watch the full video and a call to action which drives consumers to purchase product at the stores.

In addition to Unilever’s channels, the full short film premiered on Dec 1, 2018, and was promoted on Viddsee’s channels using its own audience insights. To date, the short film has been watched over one million times across Viddsee’s social channels including YouTube and Facebook.

“By working with Viddsee, we were able to create fun and enjoyable content that is true to the insights from our target consumers regarding their journey to love. And using the insights gained from our research arm and AI-driven technology, we created a multiple precision marketing assets from a single piece of content that not only drove engagement, views, and efficiently landed the message, but also gave us a deeper understanding of how Indonesian teens are consuming content,” said Pantira Chotchaisathit from Unilever.

Viddsee’s partnership with Unilever goes back to October 2017, when it was named in the Unilever Foundry programme, which provides selected start-ups access to their corporate network as well as the Level3 co-working network. Through the programme, Viddsee produced several branded pieces for Singaporean audiences including two-part documentary series ‘Visible Scars, Invisible Strength’ for Vaseline, as well as fictional short films ‘Enrichment’ for Breeze and ‘Paper Promises’ for Lifebuoy.

More images can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1_R-zUr8Gdvm_eR6wMQFTEKmj8-P3SmX3

About Adhyatmika

An accomplished filmmaker whose credits include ‘Democracy Is Yet To Learn’ and ‘It Could Have Been A Perfect World’, Mika, as he is popularly known, is a graduate of the La Salle College of the Arts, Singapore, and attended the Special Training Program in New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts, and the Kanbar Institute of Film and Television, New York. As a Creative Producer, Mika is tasked with creating branded content together with Viddsee Studios, the company’s digital content production arm led by Kenny Tan.

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