Singapore, JUL 3 2018 – Vaseline Singapore has commissioned Viddsee to create a two-part social documentary series of titled ‘Visible Scars, Invisible Strength’, which captures the tenacity and passionate spirit of elderly Singaporeans who have dedicated their lives in pursuit of their craft.

The first part, ‘Lady Without Fingerprints’, debuted May 24 and tells the story of 71-year-old blade sharpener Madam Lee, who lost her fingerprints in the course of her life-long work. This was followed by the June 25 launch of ‘Grandpa’s Words’, which focuses on 76-year-old cobbler Lee Tai Chin’s advice to his grandson on the values of hard work.

The short documentaries are part of Vaseline Singapore’s brand awareness campaign that aims to connect with their audience, and to convey the brand’s strength as a trusted skin-care product since 1870.

“Great brand marketing involves great storytelling. Viddsee’s strength in telling true and compelling stories through films allows viewers to appreciate and understand our brands through a different light,” said Gale Choong, Head of Marketing Unilever Singapore.

“Their unique approach was able to fulfil our objectives of bolstering Vaseline’s brand among those who have known us for decades, while appealing to a demographic that spends most of their time online – all achieved in videos less than two minutes long. We look forward to continue this great partnership with Viddsee to produce more brand stories through filmmaking,” she added.

Scene from 'Grandpa's Words'. L-R: Lee Tai Chin and his grandson.

The social documentaries are part of an integrated branding campaign supported by paid placements in the print edition of Zaobao. They have proved to be an engaging hit with audiences, achieving over 450,000 views since their launch, and have an average completion rate of 70% across Facebook, YouTube and

“We wanted to inspire the younger generation and capture the strength of the human spirit shown by Singapore’s elderly, particularly those who are still working to perfect their humble craft,” said Kenny Tan, the head of Viddsee Studios, the content creation arm of the company.

“Through these documentary shorts, we aimed to show how Vaseline is used in their own life, and heals them to carry on with their life and work,” he added.

Viddsee Studios was launched in November 2017 and has since made three social documentaries series – ‘Memories On A Plate’, ‘While You Sleep’ and the upcoming ‘Confessions’ – as well as ‘Scene City’, an anthology of short films that captures the heart and soul of a city through vignettes of modern life.

Both videos are available to watch on Viddsee and Vaseline Singapore’s YouTube page.

Watch ‘Lady Without Fingerprints’:

Watch ‘Grandpa’s Words’:

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