Doyeon Noh is one-of-twelve Asian storytellers signed to develop their IPs under Viddsee Labs

SINGAPORE, 26 SEPTEMBER 2022 - Storyteller platform Viddsee signs first look deal with Korean filmmaker, Doyeon Noh, for further development opportunities under Viddsee Labs, an IP incubator that grows Asian talents and testbedded IPs. Noh is part of Viddsee Labs’ 2022 slate with 11 other Asian storytellers, whose IPs have been identified through Viddsee’s insights as having high potential for further adaptation into long form with entertainment partners and media stakeholders.

The regional expansion of Viddsee Labs comes after the success of its first two Shorts to Series projects in Singapore with ‘The Lying Theory’ and ‘Home Is Where the Heart Is’. As Asia’s largest storyteller community, Viddsee Labs will work with a diverse group of storytellers  from South Korea, Hong Kong/Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines with Indonesia, making up most of the slate with six projects.

Notable IPs that will developed under Viddsee Labs include - ‘Stratagem’, the viral Indonesian folklore horror short film with West Borneo-based filmmaker Dedetria Holyri; ‘Fallen Butterflies’ with human trafficking experts and authors Sylvia Yu and Matt Friedman, a dramatised series adaptation of Sylvia’s Penguin Random House SEA memoir, A Long Road to Justice; ‘LOLA’, a post-apocalytic thriller with Filipino filmmakers Kevin Ang and Adi Bontuyan.

For more details on the regional-IPs, please refer to Appendix A

“We recognise talent and IPs are key aspects of our storyteller community, which encouraged Viddsee Labs to tap upon its existing regional footprint to develop these diverse range of projects. Moving forward, we hope that this first look deal will help to further support Asian filmmaking talents by enabling entertainment partners to discover the next generation of storytellers with us.” said Derek Tan, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Viddsee.

As an IP Incubator, Viddsee Labs helps facilitate the growth of Asian storytelling by identifying and developing talent and testbedded IPs. Its long-term goal is to support the region’s democratisation efforts of the creator economy by disrupting how stories and talents are discovered and developed; to bring more authentic Asian stories to bigger audiences.

Viddsee welcomes entertainment platforms and production partners to reach out to further support the growth of the Asian content ecosystem.

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About Viddsee

Viddsee is a storyteller platform for short premium content, with over 2 billion views and more than 3,000 strong storytelling community. With the mission of empowering storytellers through our ecosystem, Viddsee provides high-quality content to audiences through its data-driven creative studio and multi-platform network.

Powered by AI, Viddsee connects independent storytellers with digital-native audiences, brands, and partners to produce and market films and series built upon its storyteller community. Its strong talent database and expertise in production, creative, and marketing help brands amplify content to greater value.

Passionate to support the entire storyteller journey, Viddsee launched Viddsee Labs, an IP Incubator to develop Intellectual Property (IP) rights and ownership at each stage of filmmaking. It expanded into IP development to strengthen relationships and further facilitate the growth of Asian storytelling. For more information, please visit

About Viddsee Labs

Viddsee Labs is an IP Incubator for storytellers which aims to support the democratisation of the creator economy by developing testbedded IPs to long-form or series IPs for entertainment partners, networks and platforms.With over 5,000 potential IPs and its ever-growing storyteller community, Viddsee Labs utilises Viddsee's platform, analytics and creative insights to produce remarkable original stories.

Its expansion into IP development further strengthens relationships with media stakeholders and partners which help facilitate the exposure and growth of Asian storytelling beyond the region.

Appendix A
Shorts to Series

Filmmaker: Dedetria Holyri

Country: Indonesia

‘Stratagem’ is a horror short film directed by Dedetria Holyri. To this date, the social cut of the film has accumulated 98 million views on the Viddsee Facebook page. It tells the story of Jolu, a female ghost based on local Kalimantan folklore. With the Indonesian appetite for local horror, this is a fresh takeaway to introduce a new folklore horror figure that has the potential to serve the market's craving for an excellent horror story in years to come.

Filmmaker: Daniel Victory

Country: Indonesia

‘In the Middle of Blackhole’ is an Indonesian short film directed by Daniel Victory, with viral popularity amongst youths on YouTube and across TikTok. A unique take into the psyche of our disillusioned next generation, it also trends on the current social topics of parental roles and psychological development of youths in Indonesia.

Filmmaker: Mustafa

Country: Indonesia

‘Opor-Operan’ is a comedy short film directed by Mustafa that tells the story of the local Wives Club in the neighbourhood. The film has won Best Scenario and Best Editing at BCA Short Movie Festival 2015. With the strong local neighbourhood portrayal of comedy series in Indonesia Television history, we’ve seen the great potential for the short film to expand into a bigger universe as each character has strong relatability for the audiences.

Filmmakers: Kevin Ang and Adi Bontuyan

Country: Philippines

‘LOLA’ is a post-apocalyptic thriller series centering around an unassuming grandmother with a deadly secret. An adaptation of director Kevin Ang’s award-winning short film “Lola”, which blended the traditional, Asian familial theme with the zombie thriller genre, the film has garnered acclaim from festivals and online viewers alike since its launch in 2014. Winner of the 2014 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival - Best Director, Best Screenplay Award, Audience Choice Award for Short Film Category, Viddsee Shortee Winner

Filmmaker: Tan Ce Ding

Country: Malaysia

A post-apocalyptic series set in a zombie-infested world, ‘Hawa’ is an adaptation of the popular Malaysian short film of the same name. We see the destruction and new realities through the eyes of 9-year-old Hawa, an infected but not fully turned Zombie girl as she goes on a journey in finding a cure only to find a much sinister world ahead of her. An amalgamation of gore, betrayal, and a child’s innocence, Hawa seeks to shine light onto the less explored perspective of a zombie film - a child’s mind.
BMW Shorties’ 2016 Grand Prize winner and Viddsee Shortee winner

Filmmaker: Kaizer Thng

Country: Singapore

One of Viddsee’s top performing Viddsee Originals: Scene City short films, ‘How to Bury a Dead Cat’ has done well with audiences through its universal values of friendship and childhood innocence. In a world that is increasingly divisive, this is a story about a group of children from different backgrounds who learn to step into each other’s shoes and make sense of adult perspectives through innocent eyes.

Filmmaker: Daniel Yam

Country: Singapore

‘The Multiverse At 13 Hill Ave’ is a Viddsee Original series, featuring a collection of unrelated stories of Daves, Sarahs, and Ryans across different universes until a doorway appears and connects their disparate lives to one another. Situated within an apartment at 13 Hill Ave, the short series explores different stories of human connection within the confined space. Helmed by filmmaker Daniel Yam, the series showcases glimpses of the everyday characters and their circumstances.

Filmmaker: Juhendi

Country: Indonesia

‘Antar Ibu Pulang’ won first place for Viddsee’s Storytelling For Good Pitch Programme in January this year, in partnership with WarnerMedia. Selected for its unique and refreshing angle in bringing tragedy and comedy together, it aims to capture regret and how to let go when we have to lose someone we love the most.
An underachieving driver, Lukman, steals a truck to fulfill his late mom’s wish of having a hometown burial. Little did he know, the truck will entangle him in a run for his life with his estranged stowaway son.

Filmmaker: Jeremy Jecky

Country: Malaysia

Longhouse Chronicles won second place for Viddsee’s Storytelling For Good Pitch Programme in January this year, in partnership with WarnerMedia. A true story-inspired concept that touches on culture, tradition, and modernity was selected because of its intriguing premise. “Longhouse Chronicles” will be driven by timeless themes that will resonate with audiences from all around the world.

An insurance adjuster is summoned to evaluate a strange insurance claim: property damage to a longhouse village caused by a gigantic bear. The adjuster's effort to disprove the supernatural inadvertently reveals a secret that threatens to destroy the longhouse from the inside out.

Book Adaptation

Filmmakers: Sylvia Yu and Matt Friedman

Country: Hong Kong/Canada

Fallen Butterflies is a riveting and timely investigative-thriller series inspired by the memoir, A Long Road to Justice: Stories from the Frontlines in Asia, by award-winning filmmaker, author, journalist, philanthropy adviser and anti-slavery campaigner, Sylvia Yu Friedman.

Sylvia and Matt’s unique background and their near-unfettered access to stories from both Asia and the Northern America regions will lend this series a profound relevance among audiences from Asia and the West. Leveraging the popularity of investigative thrillers, Fallen Butterflies seeks to fill journal the long but hopeful and cathartic road to freedom from a generation of pain brought about by systemic slavery in modern Asia.