Singapore, 15 APR 2018 - Viddsee launched its social documentary series While You Sleep highlighting Singaporeans who work the graveyard shift. Directed by Christine Seow, the Viddsee Original social documentary series comprises five episodes featuring individuals who encounter and are responsible for life and death as part of their job.

Christine explains: “There are stigmas associated with their jobs since death is seen as a taboo. Some misconceptions include concerns about women working in these industries. I feel that these people are invisible to the public, yet they play such a vital role in society.”

This is highlighted in the episode Life After Death where Sarah Ang from Serenity Caskets who reveals the prejudices people have about a woman working as an embalmer. That episode received high positive feedback for her courage and passion for the industry.

Still from Not Just Vroom Vroom

The other four episodes profile an animal-rescuer from the in a night of close-calls and abandoned kittens (Buy And Throw Away), a suicide-hotline volunteer who shares the importance of being present and of listening (Speak Up, Seek Help), first responders from an ambulance Emergency Medical Service team who race against time to save lives (Not Just Vroom Vroom), and frontline staff at a hospital emergency department who have keep calm in an adrenaline-charged environment (Patients Please, Emergencies Only!).

Filming on-site has its challenges, and Christine witnessed critical moments in life and death in production: “To actually witness a cat rescue was quite amazing! Another unforgettable moment was preparing myself before entering the embalming room. It was extremely nerve-wrecking.

Hearing personal stories and seeing how real and palpable their experiences can trigger their emotions always remind me of why I love doing documentaries.”

Still from Buy And Throw Away

Two more social documentary series are slated as part of Viddsee Voices, a project that highlights stories and perspectives that are personal to filmmakers to explore what is commonly unknown or overlooked in our society. They are Memories On A Plate by Ng Yiqin, an intimate examination of food and heritage, and Confessions by Eileen Chong, an inspirational series about the resilience of the human spirit.

While You Sleep is produced in collaboration with the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) as part of a public service content initiative to develop original content with local content creators.

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