Viddsee and Mediacan (previously Media L), a Korean media conglomerate, signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) to enhance collaboration and cooperation between key players in the region’s storytelling industry. Viddsee and Mediacan will leverage each other’s strengths to seek out future opportunities in areas of IP development, production and VFX. In addition, both parties will work together with Mediacorp in the production of Viddsee’s Korean short film adaptation “Alienated”, due to launch end-2023 across Mediacorp’s network.

Mediacorp’s Alienated will be co-directed by next-gen Korean filmmaker Doyeon Noh who created notable stories like Night Watcher and 인형 (Human Form), which are available on Viddsee’s platform. With Mediacan’s post-production team behind hit shows like Kill Boksoon, Under The Queen’s Umbrella and Physical 100, Mediacan will bring their expertise and support in VFX, CGI, colour grading and other technical international-level skills.

For more information on the “Alienated” series, please refer to Appendix A.

This strategic collaboration will allow Mediacan to tap into Viddsee’s IP incubator, Viddsee Labs, to expand their horizon beyond South Korea and develop more international-level stories for Singapore and across Asia.

“We are honoured and excited to collaborate with Mediacan for Alienated, our first shorts to series project based on a Korean IP. Viddsee sees this as an opportunity to bring the best in technical and production capabilities from the industry to deliver quality storytelling of international standings. This MOU signifies our intent to reach beyond our local shores to work on bigger IP projects in the region and abroad.” Kenny Tan, Vice President of Viddsee Studios.

The collaboration allows Viddsee to offer original production opportunities to other major players to create bigger IP development for the region. It also hopes that this will open doors for more content partnerships in the future.

Appendix A

Mediacorp’s six-part drama series ‘Alienated’ will be produced by Viddsee Studios and  co-directed by Doyeon Noh, the original filmmaker behind the short film 인형 (Human Form).

Based on Viddsee's network insights, ‘Human Form’ accumulated over 7 million views globally, with USA and Singapore as its top performing territories. It attracted and engaged with broad youth viewership where over 90% are those below 34 years old.

This short film adaptation with Mediacorp follows 18-year-old schoolgirl, Luna, who weighs the idea of ending her life but ends up unexpectedly striking a deal with an enigmatic entity who gives her the ability to live different lives through multiple alternate universes. The thought-provoking youth-centred social thriller seeks to explore societal issues like toxic positivity, cancel culture, bullying and social injustice which are becoming common across Asian societies.