Thank you to all the media companies who submitted their concepts to the StoriesTogether call-for-proposals. We are pleased to update that the media companies listed below have been awarded the commission:

Orange Socks Pte LtdFiona, My Friend
Little Red Ants Creative Studio Pte LtdFirst Vacation
Butterworks LLPDim Sum
The Cutscene Company Pte LtdA Long Night In March
Bert Pictures Pte LtdSunset
Millenia Motion Pictures Pte LtdPeyar
Papahan Films Pte. Ltd.Cricket Sunday
The Moving Visuals Co Pte LtdThe Cat Lady at 2am
Akanga Film Asia Pte. Ltd.The Distance Between Us
Oak 3 Films Pte LtdGangster Nurse
Taipan Films Pte Ltd1000 Cups To Midnight
Sproud Private LimitedFantastic Fables
Kopi Films Pte. Ltd.Chasing the Red Dot
Jumpcut Studios Pte LtdTimeless Love
Poetry In Motion Private LimitedNot Your Ordinary Love Story
Birdmandog Pte LtdHeart Shape
The Void Deck Pte LtdInvisible People
Lovorth Media Pte. Ltd.Better Lens
Oak 3 Films Pte LtdPreloved Daughter
United Records Production Pte LtdThe Shiokedelic Nation
Bruce Dunlop And Associates Singapore Pte LtdBest Friend
Infinite Frameworks Pte LimitedThe Ra(men)